EKOM Dental Compressors

EKOM Dental Compressors
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EKOM Dental Compressors
EKOM Dental Compressors
EKOM Dental Compressors
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EKOM Dental compressors are designed for critical applications and as a result have an enviable reputation for quality & reliability.

The heart of their Dental compressor is their medical compressor pump, which is used to run Medical ventilators. From single to multiple surgeries, the EKOM compressors are very quiet in operation and suitable for all locations within the dental practice. It offers exceptional performance and delivers clean, dry air to the surgery.
Established in the UK, compressors are supplied from stock and installed & serviced by our trained engineers.

EKOM Compressors offer:

Oil free compressed air – as low as 48 dB(A)

Dry, bacteria free compressed air – extending hand piece life, better quality air for dental procedures, safe patient care

5-year Dental compressor warranty

Clean dry air – compliant to HTM 20-22

Exceed CQC standards

Adsorption modular dryer to remove moisture to deliver a pressure dew point of -40 Deg C. Exceeds medical grade air requirements

Optional cabinet reduces noise level

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