Belmont Treatment Centres & Dental Chairs

The results of our endeavours are elegant solutions with a performance and longevity that exceed expectations. Renowned, durable products made of hygiene-conscious materials, engineered and manufactured with vigour and care. The very whiteness of Belmont treatment centres exudes confidence and a healthy splash of upholstery colour can evoke the atmosphere that you seek. Ease of use for an Operator and the comfort experienced by a Patient are at the core of Belmont’s design philosophies.

The design of every Belmont product is testimony to the paramount importance of infection control. Intelligently engineered touchless features and simple-to-use design solutions combine to assist users in their hygiene-maintenance activities – making daily tasks more pleasant.

The refined technologies and profound understanding of ergonomics and materials that improve comfort for Operators and Patients alike constitutes a significant contribution to your dentistry: a comforted and reassured Patient makes dental treatments easier.

As Belmont Operators will tell you, reliability is a given and your good work can continue uninterrupted; this is perhaps the most comforting fact of all. It is this reliability which has earned Belmont brand-loyalty the world over.

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Salford Quays
The Atrium
Anchorage 2
Anchorage Quay
Salford Quays
GTR Manchester
M50 3XE

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Manchester: 7 Quays Reach
Carolina Way (off south Langworthy Road)
M50 2ZY

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